That Saint-Hipster!


Namaste behen ji! Ghar pe sab badiya?

Yo! Virappan here, So in today’s “Eating up your mind Lame column”, am gonna introduce you to the new generation Saint-Hipster. Yes Bitches, thats Arvind Kejriwal, If you dont know, Google it Bitches. Am one of his follower, some may criticize and shitt him, but He’s good guy. And I am writing about him (ME- A cement mixer and taxi driver) because his thoughts inspire me in a way. So 5 points below for him.  Not +5 or -5 points,  just 5 points.

1.Arvind Kejriwal, the good hipster, who rose suddenly from somewhere, standing against the Corruption. Respect him Bitches 😛 I am referring to a hipster because when the population of our Country, was just busy Itching and all shitt, he stood against the STRONG Politicians.

2.He did one good thing, got seperated from that Anna guy. I did’nt like him. Uncle ke harkat mein thodi barkat thi.

3. The decision to form a  Political Party is a cool one to be quite honest. Without stepping into the shitt, you cant clean it. Its a good step. My full support. I will support more if he name it ” Keh ke lunga”.

4. So in last few days, He did a mistake I think, Without doing the research himself, He followed an RTI activist and India Today thing. It was a wrong decision I think. BECAUSE, both these matters almost Shutted down. Plus, there were not enough proofs against that Fat-Ass-BJP guy.

5.Last point is not about him, Its about us Bitches. What problems we all have- I need this, I need that, Its itching here and all. I need a new Phone, I broke up and that shitt. And this Guy, Arvind Kejriwal, instead of cribbing and shitt, he is doing something. Woh bhi hum chutiyo ke lie. So instead of talking  about his negative points, support him Bitches. #RESPECT #INSPIRED

P.S. Sorry for those ‘Bitches’ in the above thing.
And the photo is inserted with no reference to the post :P.
Peace. LOL.




Hello Biatches, you are welcome. So, apart from tweeting, cement mixing and toilet cleaning, I got time to join wordpress and write some Idiotic shitt to eat your head. This blog will have some daily gigs I go through, presented in the Lamest way possible.
Peace Out.